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Movie Server

The Movie On Demand (MOD) service allows you to watch your favorite movies at the comfort of your own room. Just write down the name of your favorite movie at the front office, and we will add it in our movie server. You will be able to watch the on the smart television in your room.

Dhaka City Tour Service

Includes- Car (6 Hours), Guide, Tickets, Snacks & Drinks.

Bicycle Rent

Lakeshore Banani offers a bicycle rental service. It allows guest to explore the nearby places on two wheels. The bikes can be booked directly at front office, and are available for guests to hire for hours, half day or full day.


  • Lock
  • Helmet
  • Hand Gloves

WiFi at Car

In-Car Wi-Fi service allows you to access internet in car. It allows guest to check their newsfeeds, check emails, stream music and YouTube, use Skype, Viber , WhatsApp to make voice or video calls, making car journeys much more fun for guest. Car Wi-Fi on our superfast network.

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