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Seven Spices Restaurant

Seven Spices a dynamic multi-cuisine restaurant that serves a wide variety of cuisine and carters to the option for out-of-menu orders from in-house guests on request.

Highly customizable,Complimentary for all room guests and varies according to guest nationalities and preferences. Separate vegetarian counters are available for flexible serving times are possible on request.

Roof Top Restaurant Coco Cabana

A Rooftop restaurant named “Coco Cabana” – A tropical retreat. Exclusive restaurant has a limited sitting capacity to ensure exclusively of yourself to enjoy great time with your friends and family in seclusion. After a busy day at office, bring your friends and family to unleash in a garden terrace with an unique design which will ensure your relaxation and entertaining with style.
The menu has been designed to entice and indulge your taste bud with mouthwatering seafood, BBQ and continental dishes that will give divine satisfaction.
You can bring your special one to make the moment special, bring friends to watch your favorite game on big screen or bring your colleagues for an after office hangout.
We guaranty you good food, great time, mesmerizing ambiance and unforgettable selfies.

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